20 October - 11 November 2001, EI Huis

linear manifold 2001: phase difference between two windows

This work presents a process whereby a physical perception is projected into a linear manifold, causing a phenomenon.
Unlike previous presentations of the work the projection and the phenomenon occur in the same space. The process in which the projection is reduced to the phenomenon and the phenomenon to projection is changing with various phases.
It is our cognition that relates the changing processes, we experience an event originating from the relationships.

Minoru Sato (b. 1963) operates since 1989 as "m/s" and in 1994 he initiated the label "WrK" which hosts his creative output. His main operation territory covers physical phenomena and the way we perceive them. His research and creative output appear as installations, multiples, performances and papers. As "S.A.S.W." he also produces purely musical work.

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