2 December 2017 -  14 January 2018
  Experimental Intermedia House Window Gallery
Curated by Lieve D'hondt

'Mapping an invisible and inaudible space of vision and sound' Part 2

Emilio Fantin and Giovanni Ginger Bernardi, Alma Fantin, Arianna Fantin, Shervin Kianersi Haghighi

“Mapping an invisible and inaudible space of vision and sound” Part 2, will be performed at the Experimental Intermedia Window Gallery Gent. Part 1, was performed at S.M.A.K in Ghent in October 2017, in the exhibition "How beautiful it is and how easily it can be broken” curated by Wim Lambrecht.

This series of performances works with different media, discovering the dimension of imagination both through immaterial and material tools and practices: Giovanni will perform a chocolate sculpture, Alma will play one of her cello compositions on the theme of invisibility, Emilio will share the “experience" of The construction of the Diamond inner image, Arianna and Shervin speculate on the de-construction of language, the former by screening a video, the latter working on a single word.

The exhibition consists of: a poem on paper by Alma, a chocolate mosaic by Giovanni, the video work “Solubile” originating from a performance with soluble paper and water by Arianna, Emilio will provide the lighting design.