Experimental Intermedia, or EI, started in 1993 as an artist initiative presenting experimental intermedia, image and sound installations, performances and concerts. The Gent based artist initiative promotes and supports artists which are actively applying experimental technological media in the contemporary arts field.

EI presents works by international visual and sound artists with the intent of enhancing the communication between the various agents involved in the creation and dissemination of intermedia and exposing the international tendencies in the field to as wide an audience as possible.

EI organizes exchange projects with other artist initiatives in Europe, America and Asia. These international projects are a forum where artists communicate about their differences and experiences, regardless of the historical contexts or geopolitical and cultural structures. The organization supports travel funding and promotes collaborative projects between artists from different countries and disciplines.

With the EI Huis the organization provides foreign artists with a residency place and window gallery. The EI Huis is a meeting place for artists and art lovers and acts as a network between the local artist initiatives and visiting artists from different countries.

With its artist residency facilities EI offers at least four times a year an exhibition platform to foreign artists which were invited for a site specific intervention. The choice of the location in Flanders depends upon the needs and requirements of the installation, performance or concert. EI researches the possibilities to present intermedia art in urban and social contexts.

The Experimental Intermedia projects where made possible thanks to the participating artists and the collaboration of Guy De Bièvre, Peter Morrens, Rik De Boe, An Seebach, Jens Brand, Shinichi Sakai, Shinichi Yanai, Yosuke Ito, Daniela Swarowsky, Guy Van Belle, Dirk De Wit, Petra Bungert, Jan Blondeel, Lucas Pellens, Jos Clevers, Hans Van Heirzele.

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